Schedule Policy


** Due to space constraints, the Clinic is unable to accommodate walk-in (unscheduled) visits.**

  • Physician Visits: (816) 201-CARE, Opt 3
  • Urgent Care:   Online or (816) 201-CARE, Opt 2
  • Behavioral Health: (816) 201-CARE, Opt 3
  • Dietitian Visits: (816) 201-CARE, Opt 3
  • Maternity Navigator: Online  or (816) 201-CARE, Opt 3
  • Associate Health:  (816) 201-CARE, Opt 3
  • Chiropractic Visits: Online  or (816) 201-CARE, Opt 3
  • Motion Capture: Online  or (816) 201-CARE, Opt 3
  • Athletic Trainer: Online  or (816) 201-CARE, Opt 3
  • Lab Visits: Online  or (816) 201-CARE, Opt 3 (physician’s order is required)
  • Health Coaching: Online  (established members only) or (816) 201-CARE, Opt 3
  • Healthe Living with Rewards:  Online or (816) 201-CARE, Opt 3 (you must have established care with a primary care physician.)


Why can't I schedule provider visits online? In order to serve our members in the most efficient way possible it is necessary for our care coordinators (RNs) to have primary control of our physicians' (PCP) schedules. This ensures that your assigned appointment is most appropriate for your visit reason. This method also creates more visibility to your health care needs and ensures nothing important falls through the cracks.

Missed Appointment Policy