Team Care


Establishing the Healthe Clinic as your medical home gives you access to a high performing care team that will work together to ensure you meet your personal health goals. Below is a brief explanation of the team roles and responsibilities. Visit our extended team page for a brief overview of ancillary provider roles.

Family PhysicianTeam Care Image

Directs the care team and works with you and the team to design your individualized plan for healthy living; providing the 'what and why' in your health care.

Personal Wellness Coach

Your guide & confidant in developing a healthy lifestyle; assessing barriers and encouraging changes that incorporate your health and care plan-adding the 'how' to the 'what and why.'

Care Coordinator

Your contact person, implements your individualized plan, coordinating care across time and space, helping you and the team close the various loops in your health and care continuum.

Visit Navigator

Your guide for care in the office, assists you throughout the visit and beyond.