Employment Requirements


The Healthe Clinic partners with Associate Health & Safety and the Employment Requirements team to ensure Cerner associates have completed required immunizations and health screenings prior to client travel. Carefully review the instructions below to ensure a smooth process.

Onsite Health Requirements and Scheduling Procedure

1. We want to limit the number of immunizations you need to receive. Before scheduling an appointment please gather your existing immunization records. You may need to call family or your physician to gather these documents. You will not be able to schedule your appointment at the Clinic until your existing records have been submitted to the Employment Requirements team and you have received a response from them indicating what remains outstanding.

2. Submit your complete immunization history the Employment Requirements team. This step is extremely important. You may submit your documents by logging a ticket to HR > Employment Requirements > Onsite Health Requirements, or, if a ticket has already been established just use the “reply all” function and attach your records to that email. Please give the Employment Requirements team three business days to review and respond.

3. Once your documents have been processed you will receive an email from the Employment Requirements team detailing the procedures you need to receive. Since it may take a few days to get you onto the schedule, immediately call the Healthe Clinic at (816) 201-2273 to schedule your appointment. If a TB skin test is required, you may need to schedule a second appointment 48 to 72 hours hours after your initial TB placement to have the results read by one of our nurses. If a two step TB is required, please indicate this at the time of scheduling.

4. Print out your email from the Employment Requirements team outlining the vaccines/tests you require and bring it with you to your appointment.  The email will serve as your authorization to be seen at the Healthe Clinic. 

5. After you visit at the Clinic, share your records with the Employment Requirements Team.



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