Our pharmacies, conveniently located at the WHQ, Continuous, Realization and Innovation Campuses, are available to all associates and their families for prescription medications and over-the-counter products. The pharmacy team is highly trained and offers member consultations on drug and health information, as well as assistance in selecting over-the-counter products and medications.

Generic products are stocked in place of brand name products when available. Associates and their families benefit from an average discount 20-90% less than community pharmacies. Prescription refill requests may be made online through the Member Portal.

Be sure to download the Healthe Pharmacy app and submit refill requests directly from your Apple or Android smart phone. Search "Healthe Pharmacy" in the app store and download for free.

Transferring a Prescription? Transferring a prescription to one of our pharmacies is simple. Just let us know the name and phone number of your current pharmacy with remaining refills and our pharmacy team will do the rest. You may initiate a transfer by calling our pharmacy, secure messaging the information, or by bringing your existing bottle to the pharmacy. We look forward to helping you with all your prescription needs.

Why Use Generic Medications? Generic medications are a cost-effective way to achieve the same results with a less expensive product. In fact, generic medications are, on average, 80-85% less expensive than their brand name alternative. The FDA requires generic medication to offer the same quality and performance as their brand name counterparts. This means their strength, purity and potency is the bio-equivalent of their brand name alternative. Choosing a generic alternative is a simple way to manage your health care spend.